Walking through a First World War Practice Trench…

Hurdcott Camp was both a convalescent and training camp.  Training facilities included a bayonet training course, gas dug-outs and practice trenches.  Surviving trenches have been identified on private land close to the Map of Australia and are now being looked at in detail by Historic England.  Their existence was not know about so this has been a hugely important find.

A day in the trenches

The Map of Australia Trust’s 2nd working picnic took place last Sunday 26th November.  We had a good turnout of 15 adults and 9 children despite the cold weather.  Our aim for the day was to clear the trenches of fallen branches and brambles so that they would be more easily accessible for Historic England who were hoping to include them in their survey of the Map due to take place next week.

We were lucky enough to have two chain saw operators helping out and they made fantastic progress as some of the trees lying in and across the trenches were rather large!  We all worked hard keeping ourselves warm and managed to completely clear the trenches by the end of the session.