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Test Trenches

Archaeologists from Historic England spent the day digging test trenches to try and establish the width and depth of the original and subsequent cuttings.  We imagined hitting solid chalk within a few inches but this was not the case.  The results were not as clear as hoped but seemed to show that the original cut was wide (over a metre) but relatively shallow.  A subsequent cut at a later stage was much narrower (less than half the original width) but much deeper.  Archive photo’s support this theory…

We featured on BBC Inside Out!

On Monday 12th March, we featured in the last episode in the current series of BBC Inside Out South.  It showed footage filmed with us last July.

See the episode here.

inside out

Methods of Restoration

On Friday 9th February, we had a meeting with Historic England, Sutton Down Badges and Fovant Badges looking into how we go about the restoration.  It was a very useful morning with lots of ideas and tips shared.

Drone Survey takes place

On Wednesday 31st January, Hexcam carried out a comprehensive drone survey of the Map of Australia.  Survey markers were placed around the Map and will be used as reference points when the shape of the outline and lettering is established.

Historic England begin survey

Historic England have begun their survey of the Map of Australia.