Putting up the flagpole


Following a very generous donation by a local resident, our brand new flagpole was put up ready for Armistice Day.  We had already concreted in the base, so with the light fast fading on a dull November afternoon, we took the flagpole up to the top of the downs and then set it in place – that was the easy bit.  Working out how to hoist the flag was another matter!


Clearing the lower slopes

An absolutely beautiful late October day!  We were busy clearing the lower slopes of the Map of Australia, trying to reveal the old fence line where the trees and undergrowth used to finish.  Lack of maintenance had allowed the brambles and blackthorn to spread beyond the fence line, creeping ever near Tasmania and the South coast of Australia.  We had a good turnout of 25 volunteers with three chainsaw operators and managed to cut and burn a huge amount. We plan to have a tree surgeon cut down some of the larger trees soon, so the view from the A30 road will be greatly improved.