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Establishing our new flagpole base

Part of our work on 21st October was to cement in place a new flagpole base which has been kindly donated to us by a local resident, along with a brand new flagpole and flag.  We are extremely grateful and cannot wait to see the Australian flag proudly flying on Armistice Day!

Clearing the lower slopes

An absolutely beautiful late October day!  We were busy clearing the lower slopes of the Map of Australia, trying to reveal the old fence line where the trees and undergrowth used to finish.  Lack of maintenance had allowed the brambles and blackthorn to spread beyond the fence line, creeping ever near Tasmania and the South coast of Australia.  We had a good turnout of 25 volunteers with three chainsaw operators and managed to cut and burn a huge amount. We plan to have a tree surgeon cut down some of the larger trees soon, so the view from the A30 road will be greatly improved.

An article in the Salisbury Journal

Read about it here

SJ complete

Lifting the very last turf!

Digging out the last turf 3rd October 2018

A very special day on Wednesday 3rd October as along with our regular volunteers, we were joined by RAF personnel from the Air Support Operations Squadron.  With their help we made light work of a huge pile of chalk, finishing off the last bits of outline and topping up the whole badge.


Filming an update with BBC Inside Out South

BBC Inside Out

We were joined up on the Map of Australia with a film crew from BBC Inside Out South today, returning to film an update as our project nears completion.  It was great having them with us, lots of interviews done with our volunteers. The episode is due for broadcast on Monday 12th November.